About us

    The Sanctuary today is open not only for the Genoese devotees but also to all men who are thirsting for God and authentic interiority, the exceptionally rich Marian message makes “Madonnetta” a little Lourdes: the conversion of heart, the renewal of Christian life, the biblical and Marian spirituality, Augustinian studies and inter-religious dialogue. We are waiting for you!

Schedules of activity

Holy Mass
  • Holiday 11-17 (normal 17:30)
  • Ordinary 17 (holiday 17:30)
The Sanctuary is open
  • 10-12 (Holiday),
  • 16-18 normal



Dear Madonetta, Mother of Jesus and our mother too, at the foot of the cross you have reconciled the sinners:Madonnetta, la statua through the precious blood of your Son Jesus, obtain for us the forgiveness of sins, the consolation of all who suffered in body and in spirit, and comfort to all.
    In your heart as mother, we find refuge. We implore you the grace to recognize and serve with love your Son Jesus in the faces of our suffering brothers and sisters.
    Thank you, amiable mother, for giving us Fr. Carlo Giacinto your faithful servant who erected the Sanctuary of Madonetta according to your will, where you are particularly present.
    With Him we ask you to accompany the church in its difficult journey towards your kingdom toward the glorious risen Christ, united in a divine life without end. Amen.